Discover the mountains, enjoy the coast Diversity in Green Spain

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El Soplao

Cantabria in the blogosphere

  • Spain - Cantabria - wineries - palaces - Green Spain

    Cantabria: a land of wineries and palaces

    Posted in... Urbantravelblog

    Cantabria is one of the most beautiful and interesting regions of Spain. It really does have it all: pristine beaches and sleepy little villages, dramatic mountainscapes and vineyards perched on hills that tumble into the cobalt-blue Cantabrian Sea.

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  • Cantabria - Liébana - Santo Toribio - Camino Lebaniego - North Way

    Spain: the secret Camino

    Posted in... tomsweeneytravels

    Everyone has heard of the Camino de Santiago, but very few people outside of Spain, however, know of the Camino Lebaniego in Cantabria, which is a pity. 

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  • 21 images that define Cantabria

    Posted in... Totally Spain Travel & Tourism

    Here at Totally Spain, we’ve lived and worked from Cantabria for many years and always take pleasure in showcasing this beautiful Northern coastal region in Spain. We’ve been planning custom itineraries around Spain and Portugal since the year 2000 and more and more of these trips include a few days here in our home region. Have a look at what we consider to be the essential Cantabria and let us know which locations are of most interest to you when you come to visit.

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  • The best 9 things to do in Santander Cantabria

    Our 9 favorite things to do in Santander, Spain

    Posted in... The common wanderer

    There are certain things I always seek out in a new city; a strong local culture, vast natural beauty, an impressive gourmet scene, and most importantly, many beautiful golden beaches. By the looks of it, Santanderinos enjoy a good life, and for the weekend I was there, so did I.

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  • 48 hours in Santander Cantabria

    A spanish surprise: how to spend 48 hours in Santander, Spain.

    Posted in... The common wanderer

    Here in northern Spain’s Cantabria region, an area still largely unspoiled by the hordes of tourists that flock to the south, green rolling valleys spill towards sleepy towns, while beautiful Mediterranean-like beaches hug the coastline...

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  • Road trippin

    Road trippin' Cantabria in the footsteps of El Loco

    Posted in...

    We love Northern Spain, but hadn't heard much about the Cantabrian coast, with its 220km of coastline and dune-laced national parks...

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  • Find the most scenic shortcuts of the North Way in Cantabria

    Secret Camino: The Camino de Santiago's most scenic shortcut

    Posted in...

    Walk the Camino del Norte with Tom Sweeney and find it's most scenic shortcuts.

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  • Centro Botín just opened in Santander

    Centro Botin: How Renzo Piano's new building will make Santander a global destination

    Posted in... The Telegraph

    Centro Botín – levitated six metres above the ground on slender white pillars – is garnering admiring glances. 

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  • Santander

    The wait is almost over - Santander's Centro Botín by Renzo Piano

    Posted in... Pamela

    In 11 days I get to explore inside Centro Botín for the first time so I thought I’d give one last look at the site beforehand and explain why this patch of land in Santander means so much me.

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  • Route with kids on the Picos de Europa Cantabria

    Trekking from Dobarganes to Pico Jano

    Posted in... Pod Travels

    While you can climb the Picos de Europa, it’s not something you’d attempt with a five year old in tow. Instead you take the Fuenta De cable car up to the summit where you can enjoy spectacular views as soon as you arrive. 

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  • Cantabria celebrates its Liebana Jubilee Year

    Cantabria dresses up in its Sunday best for the Liebana Jubilee Year

    Posted in... Iberia

    If there is one thing for which Cantabria will remember the year 2017, it will be without a doubt the Liébano Jubilee Year, last celebrated more than a decade ago.

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  • The medieval town of Potes_Cantabria

    The medieval town of Potes, Cantabria

    Posted in... PODTravels

    We thought Potes in Northern Spain would be somewhere we visit when we needed the supermarket. Little did we know we’d fall in love with this quaint little town. 

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  • Santander

    Two days in Santander

    Posted in...

    Santander is without a doubt one of the most elegant and beautiful cities on the northern coast of Spain, and the ideal place for a short break. Both the sea and the mountains are continually present in this city, which captivates visitors with its aristocratic atmosphere, its 19th-century buildings, its charming outdoor terraces and its spectacular bay, considered to be one of the most beautiful in the world

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  • Totally Spain’s Guide to the Beauty of Cantabria in Autumn

    Totally Spain’s Guide to the Beauty of Cantabria in Autumn

    Posted in... Totally Spain Travel & Tourism

    Cantabria in the Autumn is a wonderful place to visit and going by the weather so far all the signs are that this year it will be a warm one. At Totally Spain we’ve been living and planning custom holidays in the North of Spain since the year 2000, and we love to encourage those who can, to travel to Cantabria out of season. It can be a real treat for many reasons and so much easier to get around once the summer visitors have gone home.

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  • Cantabria, a hiker


    Posted in... Emily Luxton Travels

    Hiking was very much on the agenda across the trip on northen Spain, but it was Cantabria that really brought the Camino to life for me. This is where I  had a real insight into life on the Camino, and where I saw some of the most amazing landscapes I’ve ever come across in Spain. It’s also where I discovered several other variations of the famous Camino de Santiago.

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  • Mountains, caves and sea_Cantabria

    Mountains, caves & sea: it's Cantabria calling

    Posted in... urban travel blog

    Nowhere in my journeys across these four northern coastal regions did I encounter more natural beauty than in Cantabria… It was magnificent even in the grey and drizzle

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  • Somo beach at Ribamontán al Mar - Cantabria

    From Santander city to Somo beach

    Posted in... the life of stuff

    At only 20 minutes from Santander airport you’ll find the beautiful Somo beach, perfecto for sunbathing, swimming, surfing, getting in touch with nature or just chill.

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  • Summer Beach in Cantabria, Spain, is Europe

    Surfing, sun and stunning scenery make Spain's Cantabria region the next hot holiday destination

    Posted in... Mirror

    Sam Webb visted Somo near Santander which has long been Europe's surf capital but is increasingly popular with families and those looking for a quieter Spanish resort

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  • Totally Spain

    Time Travel in Cantabria – from Neanderthal Man to Contemporary Spain and Everywhere in Between

    Posted in... The Totally Spain Travel Blog

    Totally Spain descrives four plans in Cantabria where you have the opportunity to time travel

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  • Centro Botin

    Anticipation Building at Renzo Piano´s Botin Centre

    Posted in... Pamela Cahill

    Pamela Cahill gives in this post her opinion about the Renzo Piano´s building. She thinks that Renzo Piano has managed to produce a restrained and rather elegant centre for the Botin Foundation.

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  • Monasterio de Santo Toribio de Liébana

    Relic hunter in Liébana - Another Camino

    Posted in... Brendan Harding's Small World Travel

    Relics have long been an intrinsic part of religion, in northern Spain travel writer Brendan Harding has an unexpected encounter with one of the Catholic religion’s most important possessions: Cruz Lignum

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  • Playa de la Arena

    5 beaches you can´t miss this summer in Cantabria

    Posted in... Cantabria tourism blog

    Here in Cantabria we have one for every taste: large, small, urban, wild, 100% accessible and blue flag. Cantabria has some of the best beachesin Spain for watersports, families and relax. 

    Discover five of them in this post

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  • Surf in Cantabria

    Plans with children to live in Cantabria

    Posted in... Cantabria tourism blog

    We propose you four great plans to travel to Cantabria with children. You have no more excuses!! Nature, culture, workshops and much more to enjoy a few relaxing days with children in Cantabria! 

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  • Primer playa del Sardinero

    My walking trail - the beaches in Santander

    Posted in... Pamela Cahill

    Being a peninsula, Santander is spoiled for coastline. You can find a dozen beaches to walk and enjoy in the city. If you want to discover them, and see the peninsula from a number of different anglessee, you can´t lose this post bye Pamela Cahill.

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  • Insider guide Santander 2014

    Free Insider City Guide to SANTANDER

    Posted in... Totally Spain Travel & Tourism

    On the occasion of Santander 2014 World Sailing Championship Totally Spain Travel & Tourism made an "insiders guide" to the city that is still absolutely up to date.
    Don't forget it on your visit to Cantabria !

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  • Golf en Abra de Pas

    Golf Courses

    Posted in... Ratón Cantabria

    As in the United Kingdom, golf is a very popular sport in Cantabria, birthplace, of course, to Seve Ballesteros. Here you can try up to 11 courses while visiting the region, some with spectacular views to boot.
    See this post by Ratón Cantabria and discover some of the most spectacular ones.

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  • Altamira

    AltaMira - The Writing's On The Wall

    Posted in... Brendan Harding's Small World Travel

    Brendan Harding tells his own experience after nearly forty years willing to visit Altamira cave.  She defines Altamira as "a place of inspiration and amazement, it is the home of true artistic process". Don´t you wanna join him?

    Enjoy Altamira in this post.

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  • Traineras en la bahía de Santander

    Rowing Traineras in Santander Bay

    Posted in... Pamela Cahill

    If you want to know what a trainera is, you have to read this post by Pamela Cahill. Rowing this old style boat is a very popular activity in Santander‬ 's bay, whether on a "trainera" or even a canoe.
    See what a total expert writes about this hobby, she really knows what she's writting about!!

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  • Lonja de Santander

    The Fish Market of all Fish Markets – Santander´s Lonja in Northern Spain

    Posted in... Pamela Cahill

    Have you ever been in a real fish market? We invite you to know a very special one - "Santander´s Lonja". See this post by Pamela Cahill where you will find fish in every shape, size and colour. 

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  • Post Totally Spain: Bodegas Vidular

    Cantabrian wine: Our visit to Bodegas Vidular in the Cantabria Coastal Wine Region

    Posted in... The Totally Spain Travel Blog

    Discover Cantabria as a Coastal Wine Region by the visit of The Totally Spain Travel Blog to Bodegas Vidular. An idyllic location and a great wine. We invite you to visit the vineyards and winery and taste the wine in-situ

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  • Cantabria-travel-guide-telegraph

    Cantabria Travel Guide

    Posted in... The Thelegraph Travel

    An insider's guide to Cantabria, in Spain, featuring the region's best hotels, restaurants, bars, shops, things to do, attractions, and how to travel there and around. By Isabella Noble, Telegraph Travel's Cantabria expert. Click on the tabs below for the best places to stay, eat, drink and shop, including what to do on a short break.

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  • Eva hogan irish daily star

    Walk Of Life – Converted To the Camino Way

    Posted in... Irish Daily Star

    It’s a challenge many would love to undertake, but often assume they either need to be super-holy to do it, or that they won’t have the time, energy or determination to see it through. 

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  • Cantabria yes it can

    Cantabria -Yes it Can!!

    Posted in... Brendan Harding

    Often neglected by guide books the Spanish region of Cantabria has a lot to offer; even encounters with unusual animals, as travel writerBrendan Harding discovers.

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  • Birdwatching in Cantabria

    Posted in... Cantabria Tourism blog






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  • Cantabria, spain

    Cantabria - an alternative Spain

    Posted in... Holidayezine

    Pat Keenan takes us on a 10 stop tour of the essential Cantabria

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  • Beach in Cantabria, North Spain

    Cantabria: beaches opened to the Cantabrian Sea

    Posted in... Cantabria Tourism blog

    Cantabria’s coastline is over 220 km long and has more than 90 beaches open to the Cantabrian Sea. There are beaches for every taste:  big, small, urban, wild, cosy, calm, family… some of them just 10 minutes from the airport!

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  • Exploring Cantabria: The bison of Altamira Cave

    Posted in... Lines of escape

    May was a wonderful month of travel and, as part of this, I was fortunate enough to visit the Cantabria region of Spain. I'll be writing more on this amazing destination, but it only seems apt to start with our first stop of the tour, which gave us a whirlwind introduction to Cantabria's best attractions and activities.

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  • Cantabria, A Hidden Gem in Northern Spain

    Posted in... Mallory on travel

    Nestled on the Northern coast of Spain, Cantabria is rich in many ways. It has the benefit of a very temperate climate with temperatures typically ranging from 10 to 30 degrees Centigrade, averaging 14 degrees over the year. It also has a degree of rainfall not seen in the south of Spain and this gives it very surprisingly lush vegetation. I was instantly struck with how green the landscape is. For this reason, it forms what the Spanish refer to as Green Spain.

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  • holidayezine blog

    Cantabria, Spain - a personal picture album

    Posted in... Holidayezine

    Recently returned from Spain, Pat Keenan is busy writing all about Cantabria, but in the meantime, just wants to share some of the fun, so here are some pictures from that very Spanish  but different green and lust land. 
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  • Santillana del Mar, the Spanish town which time forgot

    Posted in... Travel Pennies

    The town of Santillana del Mar is, to be quite blunt, a bit of a liar. It's neither a saint, nor flat (illana) nor by the sea. What it is, is really quite stunning. A protected little village where only local cars can drive the cobbled streets, dotted with cider and chocolate shops. It's small, apparently rammed with tourists in the morning or high season, and popular with American visitors, who feel as though they're in a film set.

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  • Altamira caves – Cantabria’s prehistoric Sistine Chapel

    Posted in... LADIES WHAT

    There are a few things in this world that I tend to get a bit nerdy about. Trains are one. And Scandinavian crime drama. And history – I love history. Not just the museums and typical historic tourist destinations like the Tower of London or the Colosseum – I love all of those little everyday stories of normal people that, when you add them all up, make up the places that we visit today.

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