Thanks to its magnificent geographical situation in the centre of the Bay of Biscay coastline, Cantabria is an area influenced by its truly exceptional natural setting, where landscapes and ecosystems alternate as home to no shortage of first-class ingredients.

Cooked in the traditional Cantabrian way

The Bay of Biscay provides fine fish and delicious seafood. The fast-flowing and mighty rivers are home to the king of river fish, the salmon, and delicate trout in their upper and medium reaches.

Cattle producing delicious meat and small flocks of sheep and goats graze on the lush Cantabrian meadows.

The small family-run market gardens and orchards provide a wide range of products. Cooked in the traditional Cantabrian way, they are featured in the dishes of one of the country’s tastiest and most outstanding culinary heritage.

To do´s in Cantabria