The best benches. The best views.

There are numerous articles in different travel blogs which speak of the "bench with the best views in the world", and there are very possibly as many benches as there are tastes.

What we at Cantabria Infinita know is that we have various benches, not just the one, which may become your favourite once you visit these. Would you like to discover these benches? Today, in this blog we present you the best benches with the best views.

Commencing our tour with one of the people’s favourites, the Los Tranquilos beach bench. This haven of peace in Ribamontán al Mar, as well as affording unique views of the city of Santander, allows one to see some of the world’s best surfers, as it is on this beach, and the adjoining beaches of Somo, Langre and Galizano, declared a Natural Surfing Reserve, where the water is coloured with small black spots, the result of the many wetsuits that are practicing this sport in its waters. Any time of day is perfect for relaxing on this bench, putting our two cent’s worth of advice here, sunset is a moment that we are certain you will not soon forget.

In our second stop we head to Santander, so that you can admire the wonderful views of the Los Tranquilos bench (yes, it is also called like that), just from the opposite perspective. In the middle of the Magdalena peninsula there is a bench from which, in addition to appreciating the idyllic surroundings of the place, offers incredible views of the Bay of Santander and Mouro Island.

From Santander heading to Cóbreces, where one of the most beautiful and spectacular cliffs of our coast, the «El Bolao» can be found. There you will find a bench from where you can lose yourself in the blue horizon of the sea and the green of the coast, as well as being able to create unique stories inside your head about the abandoned mill next to the water of freshwater falling over the rocks. One of the most fun games to play with the children is to look for the image of an Indian on the cliff. Are you game?

Not far away from the «El Bolao», arriving at the famous borough of Comillas, is the town of Ruiloba and its so-called «Mirador de la Corneja». Just behind the El Remedio Chapel and the restaurant of the same name, we find this viewpoint with a bench carved out of the trunk of a tree. The surroundings, with the Ensenada de Fonfría (inlet) where there is currently a fish farm and formerly a natural harbour for small fishing boats, is the perfect spot to rest, admire the views of the coast and stroll about the surroundings.

Just a few kilometres away from Comillas to our next stop, is the Gerra bench in San Vicente de la Barquera. This wonderful coastal road already offers some of the best views of our coastline. But if one has to choose a bench, it is, without a doubt, the bench located at the top of «Gerra». From here one can see one of the most stunning sunsets of the Cantabrian coast, in fact, even people from Cantabria go there to see the famous green flash, that last ray of sunshine which can be seen on the coast before the great sun disappears. Its location, with the town of San Vicente de la Barquera in the background, the cliffs of the coast and the beaches of Merón, Gerra and San Vicente, is an unforgettable sight not to be missed on one’s visit to our land.

Completing our benches with the best coastal views on this list at the Mirador de la Picota viewpoint. From this bench, almost at the top of the La Picota mountain route, one can admire views which are hard to forget. The Abra del Pas with the golf course that bears its name, the Liencres Dunes Natural Park and the Cantabrian Sea, all together in the same image. Could one ask for more? And as if all this were not enough, in these surroundings one can see the remains of the trenches, machine-gun nests, bunkers and air-raid shelters from the Civil War period. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to take this route and take in the incredible views whilst sitting on this bench.

Even so we have included two inland benches which are as spectacular as the coastal benches.

Commencing with the El Soplao sculpture bench. Outside the entrance to the cave, next to the car park and the recreation area, there is an exhibition of contemporary sculpture. Among the pieces is this bench, which not only allows visitors to rest, but similarly offers unparalleled views of the Nansa Valley.

Finishing off this list at one of the most spectacular viewpoints in our region, that of Santa Catalina (Saint Catherine Lookout). This magnificent viewpoint, also known as «Hozarcu», is located in the municipality of Peñarrubia and stands out for having some of the best views of the deepest stretch of the El Desfiladero de La Hermida (La Hermida Gorge). This bench/viewpoint sits on the ruins of the early medieval castle of the La Bolera de los Moros, strategically located to control the gorge on a high accessible landing that connects with the historic road from Carmona to La Hermida. A perfect spot to finish today’s route.

So what do you think of our benches with the best views route? What have you come across here that has given some ideas? Come and enjoy Cantabria and tell us which is your favourite bench by sharing your visit with us on our social networks via Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #ComparteCantabria.

Come and enjoy the best benches with the best views in Cantabria, + x discover.