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5 Reasons to come to Cantabria this 2023

We know that many of you are regulars who come to see us throughout the year, and we are counting on you too, so don't let us down. But just in case there are any doubting out there, who have no idea about our nature, our beaches, our heritage and everything we have to offer, today we give you five reasons why you should visit us in 2023.

5 Beautiful Beach Spots in Cantabria

Posted by... Love2Fly Iberia

If next year you’re coming on holiday to Spain to go to the beach, chances are you’re headed to the Mediterranean Sea shore, from Andalusia‘s Costa del Sol up to Catalonia‘s Costa Brava, maybe the Atlantic Ocean‘s Costa de la Luz below Portugal‘s Algarve, or perhaps the Balearic or Canary Islands. But as it happens, some of the country’s most fetching beaches are found along the rugged and gorgeous north coast, along the Cantabrian Sea, also part of the Atlantic.