5 Reasons to come to Cantabria this 2023

We know that many of you are regulars who come to see us throughout the year, and we are counting on you too, so don't let us down. But just in case there are any doubting out there, who have no idea about our nature, our beaches, our heritage and everything we have to offer, today we give you five reasons why you should visit us in 2023.

Seeing that nature is the absolute star of our environment.

This is one of your favourites, which is only natural. Our five natural parks, a national park – the well- famous Picos de Europa National Park – our forests, with the Cabezón de la Sal as one of the most visited, or simply, the infinite green of our Pasiegos Valleys, are an attraction that we know you appreciate, and very much so, at any time of the year.


But that’s not all we can offer you, as you can explore one of our six green routes, or discover the amazing world of our Costa Quebrada, among other wonders. Nature is the essence of our region, which probably best defines us, and with which helps to create unique and unforgettable plans for the entire family.


Seeing that we have more than 90 beaches to suit all preferences and tastes.

Cantabria has over 220 kilometres of coastline where you can appreciate more than ninety beaches which meet the desires of the diverse tastes of visitors to our region. Large, small, urban, rugged, secluded and quiet or open to the Cantabrian Sea, we have all kinds of beaches to enjoy all year round, as they are perfect for taking a stroll, taking pleasure in the intense marine scents and observing the movement of the tides, which can occasionally exceed four metres in height.


It is important to point out that the temperature of the sea water stays above 20ºC practically throughout the entire summer, which is a very pleasant temperature for swimming and nautical activities. Aren’t you already looking forward to a swim and having a wonderful time splashing around in the sea’s waves? All you have to do is plan your trip, we’ll be waiting for you here.

Seeing that Cantabria is the birthplace of surfing and a national pioneer

Another of our great attractions, and one more reason to visit us and discover the wonderful beaches, is surfing, a sport practised on the beaches of our region since the 1960s. We are not only pioneers in surfing as a sports activity, and but also are in surfing reserves, and with which Ribamontán al Mar having been declared the first surfing reserve in Spain. Today there are four surfing reserves, the aforementioned, Suances, San Vicente de la Barquera and Noja. 



In Cantabria one can surf whenever one wants, as we have great quality waves all year round and an average water temperature of 17ºC. To surf in Cantabria all one needs is a light wetsuit in summer and a thicker one in winter and autumn, a good board and considerable skills. Of course, if you want to give it a go and haven’t already, sign up at any of the schools located throughout the region, where they will kit you out and teach you how to ride your first waves.



Seeing that we have the highest number of caves with prehistoric rock art in the world

Ten Cantabrian caves with prehistoric rock art in their interior which have been declared World Heritage Sites. This fact alone is a good reason to come and visitthese caves, don’t you think? Altamira and the other nine caves declared World Heritage Sites are the universal symbol of this valuable Palaeolithic heritage, which coexists with another subterranean legacy which is no less surprising: the more than 9,000 caves with impressive geological formations and spectacular landscapes, among which El Soplao stands out.

The caves can be the perfect excuse to tour through the region, from cave to cave. Consult our website, in the caves section, and a route can be created to the consumer’s tastes and preferences.


Seeing that we have one of the most delicious and with the greatest personality cuisines in the country

A gastronomy which can be tasted with all five senses and that takes one on a trip around the world, for its variety of flavours and with a quality product as its epitome. This uniqueness makes it one of the gastronomic powerhouses of Spain, the perfect destination for lovers of good food, quality and variety, which, as its slogan says, is infinite.


The quality product and the skills and know-how of our region’s chefs have enabled Cantabria to attain the highest degree of gastronomic excellence.  Currently, the region has ten restaurants with Soles Repsol, and is the world of Michelin stars, with six Michelin-starred restaurants, of which one has three stars – El Cenador de Amós – and five restaurants having one star – El Serbal, El Nuevo Molino, La Bicicleta, La Solana and La Casona del Judío – plus the two green stars of La Bicicleta and El Cenador de Amós.

If you are a foodie or culinary lover, Cantabria is your destination.

So, what do you think of these 5 reasons? They are far from being the only ones, and it’s entirely certain that you can tell us yours. Still not sure as to whether you should come and visit us and discover why Cantabria is Infinite? We are here to welcome you with open arms at any time of the year.

Come and discover these places, or the ones you choose, and tell us about your experience on our social networks via Facebook and Twitter using the hashtag #ComparteCantabria.

Come and enjoy this 2023 in Cantabria, + x discover.