Geological Park of

Costa Quebrada

There are places where a breath-taking landscape hides deeper meanings. The Geological Park of Costa Quebrada is one of those exceptional natural beauties and one of the most relevant geological sites in the world, since the coastal stretch between Los Pilis point and the Miengo marsh has been recognized as a Spanish Global Geosite by the International Union of Geological Sciences (IUGS).


Geology is undoubtedly for everyone here

Located between the city of Santander and Cuchía, the park is an attractive scenic coastal stretch and, at the same time, it displays a unique ensemble of coastal landforms and features that offer us the opportunity to witness geology in action and to discover in a direct and simple manner the origin and evolution of our Earth. Visitors can understand geological history, thanks to these outstanding landforms that can be found along the coastline trail. Simple observation of these eloquent features inspires the public to reflect on the same ideas and arrive to the same conclusions reached by the first geologists, even if it is not familiarized with Earth Sciences. Geology is undoubtedly for everyone here.

The ceaseless confrontation between the sloping rock layers and the action of the sea has produced a wide variety of structures and forms that stretch along 20 km of coastline: cliffs, arches, islets, coves, beaches, tombolos, sand dunes, sandspits and estuaries show the constant and relentless evolution of coastal areas. A more attentive look to the rock outcrops reveals the traces of former tropical reefs, huge beaches and forests, marine ecosystems that were frozen in time and the events that wiped them out. Furthermore, this park exemplifies the close relationship between human beings and geological heritage throughout history.

The Geological Park offers the following activities during the year:

Visiting the Geological Park in autumn, winter or spring is a fantastic option for those who prefer the solitude of the coast and more intimate experiences. These are the best seasons for enthusiasts of scenery photography. During this time, the dramatic light and weather, when combined with the splendid scenery, offer countless photography opportunities to the aesthetic traveller.

Enjoy the vertiginous cliffs, dotted with golden beaches and places of geological interest, and come into contact with the sea creatures and the diversity of the local flora of Costa Quebrada.

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