Vias Ferratas

Via Ferratas: sport and adventure in the midst of nature.

Hikers, mountaineers, climbers or just adventure sports enthusiasts

The Vias Ferratas have become one of the most popular outdoor activities for adventure sports enthusiasts in recent years, as these installations give the visitor the possibility to be introduced to sport climbing, individually or with the whole family.

Vias ferratas are vertical or horizontal routes that are equipped with pegs, cramps, holds, handrails, chains, suspension bridges and zip lines. They enable the traveller to reach difficult access sites.

Hikers, mountaineers, climbers or just adventure sports enthusiasts will be able to safely go through the mountains of Cantabria.

Cantabria has 14 Via Ferratas:

Access to the vias ferratas is open and free, but it is recommended to hire a guide who will show us the way and help us if we need it.

There are also companies that provide equipment for hire at the beginning of the routes, with prices starting at 15€.

Cantabria, from north to Surf

Cantabria, where you can enjoy four surf reserves: Ribamontán al Mar, Suances, Noja and San Vicente de la Barquera.

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Vias Ferratas