It is said that this summer will be different: that, after the situation we have been experiencing and with the necessary precautions, our habits and behaviours will have to change and it will be likely, at least for most of us. However, something that everyone can enjoy, at any age, and that they cannot do without during the summer, is the beach. For this reason, we want you to join us in discovering five beaches in Cantabria where you will desire to lose yourself this summer.

The beaches of Cantabria are somewhere to have a walk, practise surfing, play palas, swim, chat with friends lying on the sand, in short: where you can disconnect and enjoy yourself. Various options are available on our idyllic coast cradled by the Cantabrian sea, its cliffs, its wild or urban beaches, either calm or brave. Not in vain, does Cantabria boast 220 kilometres of coastline where the sea washes the fine sand of over 90 beaches. The options are vast. But if what you wish for next summer is relaxation, free from overcrowding, a sense of freedom and endless kilometres of sand only for you, we recommend you to visit one of these exquisite five beaches. Do you want to come along?

El Puntal, Somo and Loredo

Three beaches in one, with no separation between them. The three end in El Puntal, where this sand bar enters the bay of Santander, and are the ideal spot to get lost this summer. This beach of the Trasmerana coast is over four kilometres long, so long walks and the practice of water sports are available to you.

And, if there is one particularly renowned aspect of the beaches of Somo and Loredo, it is their surfing tradition and the multiple schools and surfers searching for the best waves, where the sea provides the suitable conditions for it. Another attraction not to be missed this summer is enjoying the panoramic views of Santander and its bay from these beaches, and tasting the delicious bocartes or rabas (typical cooked squid from the area) in the widely known “chiringuito de El Puntal” (El Puntal beach bar).

Oyambre, Gerra and Merón

Heading towards the central coast, we reach the coastline joining Comillas and San Vicente de la Barquera. This is the most beautiful beach road you will ever enjoy, where these three inlets stretch over 5 kilometres almost without parting. Whilst strolling along them, you will almost miss the breaks between them, even more so between Gerra and Merón.

Gerra is ideal for surfers owing to its waves, and Oyambre and its dunes, part of the natural park, hold a spectacular view that cannot be missed. Merón is the largest one, which is ideal for long walks, running or where you can play with children on the shore without being disturbed.

La Salvé in Laredo

This beach, which stretches almost all around the whole village of Laredo, is one of the longest in the region. Four kilometres of beach are located in the heart of the urban area of the coastal village of Laredo, rather than in a natural setting, like other beaches mentioned. It is ideal for visitors who want to access the beach straight from their holiday accommodation in summer.

Equipped with all the necessary facilities, this beach is ideal for enjoying privacy and a relaxing summer day, owing to its huge size, despite the crowds that attend it in the high season.

Trengandín in Noja

Noja, located near Laredo, is another of the spots which most attracts tourists. This long shore of almost three and a half kilometres, stands out not only for its strategic orientation and gentle waves, but also for its ideal location to enjoy with children. The small pools that emerge when the tide is low are perfect for the little ones to play there.

Not only these tidal pools, but also the rocky figures along the coast make this beach one of the prettiest in the region. Like La Salvé, this beach is located in an urban area and is ideal for those who want to enjoy the hospitality and shopping services nearby.

Valdearenas, Liencres

Our list is completed by another surf paradise, very near the capital of Cantabria. This beach of almost three kilometres and fine sand, located in a natural setting, is one of the favourite ones of our visitors. It is situated in the heart of the Nature Reserve of the Dunes of Liencres and its coastline is part of the Costa Quebrada Geological Park, a naturalistic setting which makes this beach the ideal place to get lost in.

These are the beaches we recommend to lose yourself in Cantabria, although they are not the only ones. Do you have your own favourites? Share them with us on our social media profiles on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the hastag #ComparteCantabria. Come visit Cantabria this summer to lose yourself, look no further!