Natural Park of Oyambre

This natural seaside setting covers one of the most varied and valuable segments of the whole coast of Cantabria.

Territory of rich birdlife, especially in its estuaries and marshes.

The Natural Park of Oyambre extends over an area of 57 square kilometres in the western part of Cantabria, between the towns of Comillas and San Vicente de la Barquera. This protected area comprises the estuaries of San Vicente and La Rabia and their surroundings. It offers visitors a scenery of cliffs, dunes, estuaries and sandy marshes of great beauty..

In the park we can find Monte Corona, an extensive woodland near the coast, the beach and dunes of Oyambre, as well as the beach of Merón. These two beaches are of great extension and wild appearance.

It is a territory of rich birdlife, especially in its estuaries and marshes.

The Park has an Interpretation Centre (telephone number: +34 942 71 20 19) that offers workshops, self-guided tours and environmental education programmes.

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