Sequoia Wood

The Sequoia Wood of Monte Cabezón is a Protected Natural Area of Cantabria, designated as a Natural Monument and included in the Network of Protected Natural Areas of Cantabria.

In this area of 2.5 hectares there remain today 848 sequoia specimens

The sequoia plot of Monte Cabezón was planted in the second half of the 1940s. Even though its presence in this coastal environment may seem unexpected, its existence is due to the particular circumstances of a period in history marked by the autarchic policies of the regime. The sequoias of Monte Cabezón were planted within this context. They live on today as a reflection of that forest policy, of those economic times and of that experimental activity that searched for the most appropriate timber species to meet the needs of industrial production.

In this area of 2.5 hectares there remain today 848 sequoia specimens, with an average height of 36 metres and an average perimeter of 1.6 metres, as well as 25 Pinus radiata trees. It is part of the natural area of Mount Las Navas, in Monte Cabezón, in Cabezón de la Sal.

Inside the wood, which can be reached by the CA-135 road that connects the towns of Cabezón de la Sal and Comillas, there is a 2-km circular trail, perfect to enjoy this natural environment with the whole family. A stretch of the path is accessible to wheelchairs and there is a car park next to the plantation’s entry.

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