Natural Park of Saja Besaya

This is a natural area located in the central part of Cantabria that encompasses the headwaters of the river Saja and its tributaries, as well as several side valleys of the basin of the river Besaya, and which has a total extension of 245 square kilometres.

Ideal place to go on outings and hikes in medium-height mountains

This Natural Park contains some of the best forests in Cantabria, which provide shelter to a valuable fauna, including deer, roe deer, wild boar, wolves, chamois, various birds of prey, occasionally a brown bear, etc. It is worth noting that this Natural Park shelters the eastern-most grouse leks of the Cordillera Cantábrica mountain range.

The Natural Park of Saja-Besaya is the ideal place to go on outings and hikes in medium-height mountains. There are authorized campsite areas and various villages in the surroundings that are fully equipped for visitors. Inside the Park we can find the historic and artistic ensemble of Bárcena Mayor, one of the best instances of popular mountain-style architecture.

The Park has an Interpretation Centre (telephone number: +34 608 065 846) with six recreational areas. There are different routes that are properly signposted. One of the most interesting tourist attraction is the Mirador La Cardosa, a vantage point with a roe deer monument as an escort and with spectacular views over the Natural Park. It is also a good spot to listen to the bellowing of deer at the beginning of autumn.

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